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Relax on the beach, enjoy the sea and just slow down.

Enjoy your vacation on the beach under the sun with relaxing sound of waves. Have great time at sea with SUP, SURF or KITE.</p> <p>

Slow down and make the most out of summer with Saaremaa!

Tehumardi Lagoon offers fun attractions and gives you the most authentic experience in Saaremaa! Enjoy the sea, nature and good company all from one place!

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An experience you don't want to miss!

What could be more enjoyable than spending a summer vacation in Saaremaa, by the sea, with people you love. Be adventurous and discover Saaremaa and make a reservation today!

Saaremaa is an oasis of serenity.

Saaremaa offers an opportunity for an authentic and relaxing experience. Slow down and enjoy life!

Comfort and experience all in one place!

Sauna / Tub sauna

What could be more pleasant than relaxing in the audentic Saare sauna and cooling off in the sea.

SUP rent

Rent SUP boards with your friends and enjoy a sunset at sea on a warm and calm summer evening!


Sea view, hammocks, saunas, beach and campfire site. Forget social media and experience your vacation the island's way.


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